Thinkware U1000 Review: Best Premium 4K Dashcam – A Comprehensive Guide


Thinkware U1000 Dash Cam Review

In this blog post, we will review the Thinkware U1000 dash cam, a high-end premium dash cam that offers 4K video quality for the front camera and 2K for the rear.

The U1000 has been on the market since 2019 and has seen many improvements since then. In this review, we will discuss the design, video quality, parking mode capabilities, cloud connectivity, and other features of the Thinkware U1000.

Thinkware-U1000 dash cam
Thinkware-U1000 dash cam

The Best Dash Cam On The Market.

Capture the Moment in Clarity: Unmatched 4K Performance & Night Vision Excellence”

  • AUltra-HD Quality: 4K front and 2K rear cameras for stunning footage. •
  • Expansive Viewing Angles: 150° front and 156° rear coverage. •
  • Advanced Features: GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless integration. •
  • Dependable Protection: 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

Video Quality4K front camera and 2K rear cameraHigh-resolution video qualityLower low-light sensitivity with CPL filter
DesignRectangular, wedge-shaped design with buttons on the back and LED status indicatorsEasy to use, big emergency record buttonNone
MountQuick-release mount with double-stick tapeSolid and stable mountCannot rotate the dashcam sideways
Parking Mode CapabilitiesBuffered impact detection and energy-saving modeLong-term parking mode recordingEnergy-saving mode disables continuous recording
Cloud ConnectivityConnects to the cloud for remote access and additional featuresAccess dashcam remotelyNot as user-friendly as Blackvue’s cloud options
Radar Module (Optional Accessory)K-band transmitter for long-term parking recording and buffered impact detection up frontUnique functionalityTransmits on K-band, causing false alerts for radar detector users
Battery OptionsMultiple battery options, including BlackboxMyCar BI-750 for extended recording timesGreater recording time with larger capacity batteriesNone
App FunctionalityView and adjust dashcam settings, play back previously recorded footage, and livestreamingEasy to use, guidelines for aiming dashcam, view front and rear camerasCannot change parking mode settings remotely
Price£279.00for the front-only version, £379.00 for the two-channel versionHigh-quality dashcam with a range of featuresExpensive


The U1000 features a rectangular, wedge-shaped design with buttons on the back for easy control. There is a central emergency record button, which is separate from other buttons to avoid accidental presses. The status LEDs on top indicate recording, GPS lock, and cloud connection. The left side houses cable inputs, while the right side has the memory card slot.

Video Quality

The U1000 has impressive video quality, with its front camera offering 4K resolution, which is comparable to the VFO A129 Pro, a more budget-friendly option. The front camera also has a wide field of view at 150 degrees. An optional CPL filter can be added to improve daytime video quality.

Parking Mode Capabilities

The U1000 provides excellent parking mode capabilities, including buffered impact detection and energy-saving mode. The optional radar module can be added for enhanced parking mode features, combining long-term energy-saving with buffered parking recording.

Cloud Connectivity

The U1000 is a cloud-connected dash cam, allowing for remote access and additional features. While its cloud functionality is not as extensive as Blackvue dash cams, it still offers the ability to receive notifications and live-stream video when connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Battery Management

The U1000 has built-in voltage management, with options for wintertime battery protection. For extended parking mode recording times, the BlackboxMyCar BI-750 battery pack is recommended, offering 25% longer record times and faster recharging compared to the Cellink Neo battery pack.

App Functionality

The Thinkware app allows for easy setup, dashcam aiming, and playback of recorded footage. The app also provides additional features like lane departure warnings and forward collision detection, although their accuracy may vary.

High-resolution video qualityLower low-light sensitivity with CPL filter
Easy to use design with big emergency record buttonCannot rotate the dashcam sideways
Solid and stable mountNot as user-friendly as Blackvue’s cloud options
Long-term parking mode recordingRadar module transmits on K-band, causing false alerts for radar detector users
Remote access to dashcam through cloud connectivityCannot change parking mode settings remotely
Unique radar module functionality (optional accessory)Expensive
Greater recording time with larger capacity battery options
User-friendly app with guidelines for aiming dashcam and viewing front and rear cameras


The Thinkware U1000 is a top-of-the-line dash cam, offering excellent video quality, parking mode capabilities, and cloud connectivity.

While not perfect, it stands out as one of the best premium dash cams on the market, making it a great choice for those looking for high-quality, reliable dash cam performance make this into a table with all the key features and add pros and cons.

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