Best Dash Cam

Finding the best dash cam in 2018 can be difficult, sales of dash cameras have shot up recently causing a surge of brands, models and types of dash cameras making it difficult to pick what might be right for you. In this round up we go over the top 10 best dash cams to make it easier for you to decide what works best for you .

best dash cam 2017Not what you are looking for? We have a range of reviews for cheap dash cams or if you are looking for a dash camera with all of bells and whistles then our high end dash cam guide will be perfect for you.

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Best Dash Cam

Dash Cam NameWeightOur Rating 
SmarTure B200 1296P381 Grams9.5Check Prices
Vantrue N2454 Grams9.5Check Prices
BlackVue DR650S-2CH680 Grams9.0Check Prices
Silent Witness SW005381 Grams9.0Check Prices
Nextbase 312GW440 Grams9.0Check Prices
Conbrov T36458 Grams9.0Check Prices
Stoga S300 1080P540 Grams8.5Check Prices
MAISI Super HD 1296P281 Grams8.0Check Prices
RoadHawk DC-2600 Grams7.5Check Prices
LYNEC DC15454 Grams6.5Check Prices

1) SmarTure B200 1296P – Best Dash Cam 2018


  • Excellent chipset
  • Large List of resolutions
  • Reliable
  • Affordable


  • Weak Buttons
  • Narrow Viewing Angle

SmarTure B200 1296P ReviewAt number 1 we have the SmarTure B200, a model that left a highly positive impression on us.

The manufacturer SmarTure is very well known and respectable. The name is actually a combination of two words- Smart and Future. Their main base is in China, but they target the U.S.A and Canadian market strongly.

The standard purchase includes the camera itself, a mount with the suction cup, a micro USB short cable, a long power cord for your car’s cigarette socket, sticky clips to help hide the cables, and the user’s manual. The camera and all of its components are in black colour.

The design is pretty cool and compact. The back side has a large screen with the buttons under it. The buttons are plastic, feel kind of toy like and unreliable.

The Ambarella A7 chip set and high quality lens are definitely worth mentioning.

At high 2560x1080p (30fps) resolution, you can easily see even the smallest of details on the recordings, such as street signs or license plate numbers.

The cam of course has a G-sensor that detects impacts and locks the current recording loop from being overwritten. There are also some other features like the lane departure warning system and the forward collision warning system.

As far as the general performance goes, this SmarTure B200 model is decent. The video quality is sufficient, the extra features are great, and the overall impression is that this camera will serve its purpose. If we rule out the button flaw, it is a great cam.

2) Vantrue N2 – Best Motion Detection


  • Full HD 1080P front cam (720p rear)
  • Massive viewing angle
  • Great design
  • Very durable
  • Motion Detection


  • Display screen is quite small

Vantrue N2 ReviewThe Vantrue model N2 belongs to the dual camera class of car dash cameras.

Cameras in this class naturally have two cameras included in one package (attached to one body or separate), but they also need to have other features and capabilities, like cameras in other classes.

This N2 model seems to best belong to a middle range class, judging by how well its features are rounded up to support the dual camera function.

Its body is shaped like a cylinder, but instead of having round sides, they are flat and shape an octagon. The front lens is on the middle of one side, and the rear lens, along with a small 1.5’’ display screen is on the back side.

All these mentioned parts are located on these flat sides of the octagon. The buttons are placed on the bottom side, with their indicators just beneath the screen, and other ports and buttons are spread all over the cam.

The cam is entirely in black colour, which looks great and modern.

The front camera captures video in a 1080p resolution capability, while the rear captures it in 720p, at 30fps.

The frontal viewing angle is 170°, while the rear cam’s viewing angle is 140°. This makes for an incredible coverage of the space around and inside of your car.

The camera possesses all the standard stuff, like the G-sensor and loop recording, but it also has dual parking modes: motion detection and time lapse feature.

To round up its high quality reputation, the N2 model has a sturdy and durable body, with a good mounting bracket that also promises long life. Taking all of this and its price into consideration, Vanture N2 is highly recommended.

3) BlackVue DR650S-2CH – Best Dash Cam App


  • Front and Rear Cams
  • High Tech
  • Very Durable
  • Motion Detection
  • Event Sensor


  • No Screen
  • Doesn’t take pictures

blackvue-dr650gw-2ch-reviewThis Blackvue DR650GW model comes with a front and rear camera, has a unique design, and really impressive features, it is quite expensive but the features more than make up for that.

Blackvue is a Korean manufacturer, well established all over the World. Since its foundation in 2007 the company has set many standards to become one of the top brands in dash cam manufacturing.

The standard package contains: front and rear cameras, USB micro SD card reader, power cable for the car cigarette socket, additional adhesives and cable clips, a USB coaxial cable to connect the two cams, and a long and detailed user’s guide.

Every component is in black colour, the dash cams are nicely designed. They both look like sniper scopes, the rear one a bit smaller than the main, front one. They do not mount the same way sniper scopes do though. Actually, the lens is on the side of the cylindrical camera body, so the ‘scope’ must be pointed to the side of your car. This mounting method is excellent, because you can rotate your cam for 360°.

This cam doesn’t have a standard display screen, like most do, so all setting up is done at home on your home computer using the official software, or you can even access the settings and various options while driving with a smart phone app. There are many advanced and innovative features like live streaming or uploading videos.

The recording video quality is impressive. The rear cam has a slightly lower resolution, but both perform really well. You can easily make out any details in the footage, such as license plates or street signs even at night.

The camera remains stealthy during driving, like it’s intended to, and really gives the feeling of durability, professionalism and safety.

4) Silent Witness SW005 – Best Parking Mode


  • Excellent design
  • High quality and durability parts
  • High technology features
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Motion Detection
  • Large Screen
  • 8GB SD Card Included


  • Not much mobility once mounted
  • Operating it requires both hands

Silent Witness SW005 AmazonNow, we have a really beautiful camera.

One of the most beautiful car cameras we’ve ever seen.

The Silent Witness SW005 looks amazing and it is technologically advanced, its design is not the only good thing about it.

Silent Witness is a vehicle CCTV and dash cam manufacturer, known all around the World. Their research & development centre is in the U.K.

The contents of the purchase box are: the camera, 8GB SD card, SD card adapter, power cord for your car’s cigarette socket, quick release windscreen mount, and a user’s guide.

The camera looks incredibly beautiful, compact and professional. It and all its components are in white colour, which is one of the main reasons it looks so impressive, and it is a rarely seen colour on these products.

The large 2.7 inch screen is on the back side and the buttons are on both sides of the screens, requiring both thumbs for navigating the menu. This means you cannot drive and operate this cam at the same time.

The mount bracket is really modern and easy to install, with the GPS port. The material is really high quality and durable, and the easy release mechanism is great.

The camera has all the standard features, like: G-sensor, loop recording, still image taking.

It performs equally good as it looks. It has a wide 170° viewing angle and a high 1920x1080p (30fps) resolution option, that is more than enough with this video compression. All details are visible and the picture is crystal clear. The still image quality is a bit lower, at only 4 mega pixel (JPEG format).

5) Nextbase 312GW


  • Compact and durable design
  • Easy to install
  • Great Picture quality
  • Large 2.7″ display
  • Compact


  • No motion censor

Nextbase 312GW ReviewBelonging to a mid-ranged camera class, Nextbase 312GW has some nice features that stand out at first glance, Nextbase have built a reputation for having great quality products and this one doesn’t disappoint.

The camera has a 1080p (30fps) recording capability, or if you are looking to boost your frame rate than you can go 720p with 60fps. It’s got a good GPS tech and a built-in Wi-Fi system.

Amongst the standard car dash cam features, like the G-sensor and the loop recording, this model also has motion detection, which is a pretty nice addition.

If some of you don’t know what it is, motion detection is a feature using a sensitive sensor to pick up any movement near your car. Even if your car is turned off, once it picks up movement it will turn on and start recording, providing it has power naturally.

Now, the camera is designed quite nicely. It has smooth, round edges, giving it a sleek and stylish look. It comes in white and black colour, very nicely built. It feels firm and durable.
Its viewing angle is a bit lower than we’d expect. 140° is about average, true, but we very much prefer cameras with a higher viewing angle.

The 2.7’’ display screen takes up almost the entire back side of the camera. The control buttons are on the sides, in three. They are firm and also feel durable, easy to press, but this kind of button placement means you will almost always need both thumbs or better said hands to operate it. This might be an important info for when you’re on the road and you want to change some cam settings. No driving and operating the camera.

6) Conbrov T36


  • High Tech Chip Set
  • Low Power usage
  • Sensitive Sensors
  • Big Screen
  • Durable Buttons


  • None

Conbrov T36Conbrov is a well known and established manufacturer that is focused on producing spy cams, home security, and car cams.

They always have a good union of price and quality.

This particular T36 model comes in package containing: the camera itself, a suction cup mount, a power cable for your car cigarette socket, a mini USB cable (short), the user’s guide, and the installation disc containing the necessary software. All of the components are in black colour.

Even though the software is provided, we recommend down loading the latest from their official site.

The camera has a professional design and looks like a classic photo cam, only it’s a bit smaller.

The buttons are really great and feel pretty durable. This is rarely the case with the cams in this price range. It also has a pretty big display screen, and those two things promise easy and painless accessibility.

The options are also pretty simple and straight forward, making this cam really user friendly.

The hardware is pretty high tech, and we have to mention the motion sensor that guards your car while parked and turned off.

Video quality is sufficient. 1080p is a maximum and there is no 60 fps option, but the overall performance is good. The video format is MP4.

This model also boasts with a high quality chip set and a pretty wide view angle.

The photo quality is low, though, only 3 mega pixels, JPEG format

7) Stoga S300 1080P


  • Awesome futuristic design
  • Large Screen
  • Heat Resistant
  • Great Image quality


  • It’s very big overall
  • No motion detection
Stoga S300 1080P Amazon

This Stoga S300 car dash cam looks really advanced and impressive. Its design seems really technologically advanced and makes it stand out amongst the competition.

The package contains the usual: the front and rear cameras, the car cigarette socket charger, a suction cup mount bracket, a micro USB cable to connect the two cams, and a user’s guide.

The second, rear camera gets its power via the USB cable that is connected to the front one, and the front one is then connected to the cigarette socket. You can easily hide the cables in a number of ways, so you don’t have to worry about that too much.

The actual cameras are easily mounted with the mounting components included in the standard purchase.

All of the components are in black colour, and the camera’s design kind of reminds of a mini gaming console. A large 2.7’’ display is on the back and the buttons are on the sides of the screen designed to be operated using both thumbs. Driving and operating this camera is out of the question, though.

This cam boasts with a great cooling system, high tech chip set and sensor, as well as a high quality battery.

Picture quality is impressive and clear even during the night. The high resolution and smooth recording allows you to make out small details, and also to take pretty decent photos, if need be.

This camera really feels futuristic and high quality, and it has many positive reviews.

8) MAISI Super HD 1296P


  • High Tech Processor
  • Super High Resolution
  • Easy to position and angle
  • Automatic Driver Assist System
  • USB Port on the charger so you can charge another device while it’s in use


  • Buttons are hard to press

MAISI Super HD 1296P ReviewThis model comes with a pretty advanced mounting bracket. It is quite different than from what I’m used to seeing. The holder itself is quite massive and it holds the cam with two joints. The first one simply allows the dash cam to rotate up or down, while the other is the part touching the cam and it rotates right and left. The whole thing feels quite sturdy and durable, promising a long lasting life.

The cam is in black, and it has a standard photo camera design. The front side has the lens at the centre, while the back side is almost completely taken up by the large 3’’ display screen.

The buttons and ports are spread all around the cam but the main function control buttons are on both sides of the screen. They are large, but somewhat shady on press. There are also a few LED light indicators that are clearly stating the functions and modes the camera is set in.

9) RoadHawk DC-2


  • Heat Resistant
  • Large memory capacity
  • Very easy to install


  • No Screen
  • No motion detection

roadhawk-dc-2-reviewThe RoadHawk DC-2 is in fact a reworked version of the famous old best seller RoadHawk HD.

RoadHawk is a Chinese camera manufacturer, well known for its best sellers and for their professional approach to the design and functionality of their gadgets.

This camera has a unique design and looks pretty unusual. The explanation RoadHawk has for their design innovations is that they strive to keep their tech save, practical, and purposeful.

They argue the idea that cameras with screens interfere with the drivers focus and attention, so they designed theirs in a way that there is no tampering or setting needed while on the road.

This may actually be true because not only do these cameras take away your focus, they also quite often need both hands to operate, so any responsible person would have to stop in order to use them.

With this particular model, all setting and tweaking is done at home, via your CPU and the software provided by the manufacturer.

In the package you’ll get the camera, a power cable for your car’s cigarette socket (long cable), couple of stick pins, 8GB micro SD memory card, a USB card reared, two optional sticker mounts, user’s guide and the installation disc.

The camera is light and compact, easy to install. The software is simple and quite good.

The video recording is really outstanding, and the high tech processor ensures good video processing.

This camera sure does inspire professionalism and truly remains unnoticeable during driving.

RoadHawk DC-2 does indeed provide us with what the manufacturer intended – safety and simplicity.

10) LYNEC DC15


  • Very Large Screen
  • Easy to use
  • Innovative mounting stand
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Includes an SD card
  • Panic Button


  • No Motion sensor
  • Only one resolution option

lynec-dc15-reviewTaking the number 10 spot is the LYNEC DC15 car dashboard camera. LYNEC has a strong presence in the market with its numerous models and mostly good reviews.

This model comes in a small card box, containing the camera, the suction cup mount kit, a power cord for your car’s cigarette socket, a micro USB cable (short), user’s guide, warranty card, micro SD memory card adapter, and an 8 GB memory card. The model supports up to a 32GB memory card.

All of the components are in black colour.

The classical design looks nice and leaves plenty of room for a big display screen. The buttons are on the bottom side of the cam and the cam can be used with one hand most of the time.

The ‘Panic Button’ locks the current loop recording and prevents overwriting.

The mount has an innovative swivel ball variation that really allows incredible mobility and positioning options.

The options are pretty clear and easy to understand.

It features all the standard stuff, like G-sensor that detects impacts and locks the current loop from being overwritten, loop recording which means all your material is being stored as loops (with predetermined length) and the system automatically overwrites the oldest one, once its memory is full.

The video recording quality is excellent and night vision is great thanks to the WDR technology.

The cam performs really well and is well worth its price. The absence of motion detection can be a big flaw, though.

That concludes our best dash cam list, if you have any questions feel free to contact us via the contact page which can be found here.